Is your product the right one? Try Product Validation

In the Lean Start-Up method, Product Validation is mentioned as the second step of building a start-up. In the previous post, we already talked about Market Validation, so this time we are going to talk about Product Validation.

Product Validation

If you want to build a start-up, then you need to be sure that the product you created is the best and the right one to solve problems in society. But, how? Sure, there is nothing that can prove 100% that your product is the right one before its launch, but by doing product validation, you can increase your belief that your product is really the right one in solving a problem. So #GenerasiPenemu, what is product validation?

Product validation, which is the next step in Lean Start-up method after Market Validation, is a step to increase success percentage in creating a product that can solve problems in society. Here, product validation means surveying and testing that the product created is really the one that people need, and not based on assumptions only. Different from Product Verification which focus is defining the right process in creating the product, Product Validation focus is defining the right product for people.

To create the right product for the targeted problem, you and your team need to do these four steps below.

1. Understand the problem

The most important thing to do product validation is to understand the problem. To really understand that the product you created is really a solution to problems that exist, is to map out the problems with related parties.

2. Make a vision

After you understand what is the problem, try to make some possible solutions to solve the problem. It is better to realize and know that you can choose the best solution from some solutions you make, not just what comes to your mind first. In the end, the chosen solution could be elaborate by understanding how is the process of solving the problem, and what is the minimum requirement to say that this product is the successful one.

3. Decide the best solution and make prototype

From the best solution you have choose to solve the exist problem, you can start to create your product prototype, or often called as Minimum Viable Product (MVP). MVP is made to test your product in the market to real users of your potential customers, and getting their feedback as a step to improve your product. MVP creation is a good and safe way to develop initial product and accelerate the final product.

4. Interview / Validate Product

This phase is the crucial phase, because in here, your product is being tested to the actual users, people with problems that you are trying to solve. These people who try your product should be your potential customer later, therefore they could really assess whether your product is effective or not in solving their problems. Ask them to test your product and interview them casually so that they can give you their advice about the product. Make sure that they know you are testing the product, and not testing them.


Product validation process takes a lot of time, but it does not mean that this process cannot be done faster. In fact, this process is done to accelerate the product validation, so the final product could be launch quicker to the public. Just like a method created by Jake Knapp at Google, the Design Sprint is a process to do product validation just in 5 days to consider the development and investment feasibility of a product. Design Sprint also apply the same process as written above.

The benefit of doing product validation is you can save time and money in the product development process, because you do not guess what people might be needed, and you also do not make a big batch of product in the first launch. Beside that, product validation could free product creation and development from risks, or at least reduce the risks that might happen. Accelerate production process, and increasing brand awareness of your product and business, are also the benefits from doing product validation.

If the benefits are really that much, and the process done is not taking that much time either, then what are you waiting for? Go validate your product and make #IdeDariKamu become true. There are already many #GenerasiPenemu friends who are slowly making their ideas a reality through Ideanation Annual Competition. Keep following the journey of #GenerasiPenemu friends in Ideanation Annual Competition 2021 on Instagram @in.ideanation and on Ideanation website at

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